Circle Of Life Learning Center
The current prices for Circle of Life Learning Center are listed on this page.

Infant (0 to 12 months) $145.00 per week
12-24 Months $145.00 per week
2 years olds $140.00 per week
3 year olds $130.00
4 and 5 years old $125.00
4 and 5 years old school drop-off and pick-up $60.00 per week
After school 6 to 12 years old care during regular school days $60.00 per week
Before and after school care regular school days $90.00 per week
Transportation to and from school provided at an additional charge.
Drop-ins if room is available:
Infant and toddler drop-ins $50.00 per day
Preschooler (ages 2-12 yrs) drop-ins $40.00 per day
Children 6-12 years old $140 per week during summer
Multiple children discount 10% on older child
$50 registration fee due upon enrollment
Your rate is set at the time of enrollment, according to your schedule
Payment is due in advance for the upcoming week each Friday.