We believe each child is special.
Circle of Life Learning Center offers a quality childcare program that nurtures the individual needs and
abilities of each and every child.  From infancy, children need to feel connected and loved by those who
care for them.   The Circle of Life family provides a safe, caring environment where children are
encouraged to become the best they can be.  The imagination and curiosity of every child is valued.
Circle of Life Learning Center strives to meet these goals for each child:
1. Offer a curriculum that encourages social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.
2. Teach the child to relate to others, to value friendships, and to respect all people.
3.  Provide a safe, comfortable environment for these early learning and growth processes.
4.  Help each child learn to develop self-discipline and independence and to deal with his or her emotions
in an appropriate manner.
5.   Provide a well-balanced schedule of activities and quiet times.
6.   Provide nutritious snacks and meals that contribute to the growth and development of a happy,
healthy child.
Each child participates daily in periods of group activity, individual play, outdoor play, and quiet times.
Developmentally appropriate activities try to meet each child’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive

Circle of Life Learning Center is licensed to accommodate 69 children.
We accept children between the ages of birth and twelve years.
We take children on a first come first serve basis, so it is important that your application is turned in as
soon as possible.
If mailing, send to:
Dr. Melta Sprinkles, Director
Circle of Life Learning Center
1705 Temple Hall Highway
Granbury, Texas 76049
Phone: (817) 579-9909
Cell: (817) 980-5200
Hours: The Daycare operates from 6:00 A.M. to 6:15 P.M. Monday through Friday.

Holiday Schedule
The Daycare will be closed for the following holidays.
Reminders will be posted before each holiday.
Memorial Day
Independence Day (July 4th)
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day and Friday
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year’s Day
Emergency Closing Procedure
In the event that the Learning Center should have to close due to severe weather, the announcement will
be made on the local TV Stations, by email and posted on our website.

Circle of Life Learning Center does not discriminate against children or parents from admission regardless
of race, color, creed, sex, or religion.
A child with special needs may be accepted based on the ability of the Learning Center and the teachers
to meet those needs.
Before a child is enrolled in the Learning Center, the following items must be submitted to the Director:
·        Completed Application
·        Health History
·        Up-to-Date Immunization Record
·        Emergency Authorization
·        Parent Permission
·        Parents’ Work Schedule
·        Parents’ phone and email contact information
·        Payment Agreement
·        Food Program Paperwork
·        Child Care Assistance Certificate (if Applicable)
·        $50.00 Registration Fee
·        Child’s Anticipated Schedule

Fee Schedule
Infant (0 to 12 months) $145.00 per week
Wobblers (12 to 24 months) $145 per week
Two year olds  $135.00 per week
Three year olds $125.00 per week
4 & 5 years old $120.00 per week
After school 6 to 12 years old care $55 per week during regular school days
Before and after school 6 to 12 years $85 per week during regular school days
Transportation to and from school $20 per week
Infants and Wobblers $40.00 per day for drop-ins
Two to Five year olds $35 per day for drop-ins
Students 6-12 years old $135.00 per week during summer.
Discount for more than one child. The youngest child is considered the first child.
A registration fee of $50.00 is due upon enrollment and must be paid before the child/children may begin
Your rate is set at the time of enrollment.
Payment is due in advance for the upcoming week each Friday afternoon.  Personal checks, debit, and
credit cards are accepted.  You may make arrangements at the time of enrollment.  A $35 fee will be
charged the first time a check is returned for any reason.  For the following 90 days the client must pay by
cash only or approved credit card.

Termination of Care
In the event that you find it necessary to cancel your childcare, you must give a written and dated notice of
cancellation to the Learning Center Director two weeks prior to such termination of services.
The Learning Center reserves the right to dismiss any child for disruptive and/or damaging behavior.
If, after a period of time and conferences between the parent, classroom teacher and Director, a child is
unable to adjust to the routine of the Learning Center and is causing disruptive and/or damaging behavior
to persons and/or property, the child will be asked to leave.
This policy is without regard to race, sex, creed, color, or religion and is instituted so that we can ensure to
the children attending the Learning Center a safe and comfortable atmosphere in which to grow and

Health and Safety
When a child becomes ill, he or she will be isolated from the other children, and the parent will be notified
to pick up the child within an hour.  If the parent cannot be reached, we will contact the person indicated
by you on your child’s emergency care form.
A parent will be contacted to pick up a sick child when the child exhibits any of the following symptoms at
the Learning Center:
Fever - 100.0 degrees F. or higher
Diarrhea - 3 loose stools in one day or 2 in one hour
Vomiting - 2 episodes in one day
Rash - that is unexplained, except for diaper rash
Pink Eye - when the eye is red or pink with white or yellow eye discharge. Other symptoms are matted
eyelids, eye pain, and redness of the eyelid or skin surrounding the eye.
Irritability-- or listlessness, which is not consistent with the child’s temperament, will be noted by the
teacher, who will call the parent. The child does not have to leave the Learning Center.
If your child contracts any of the following infectious diseases he/she must be excluded:
Chicken Pox - After all blisters have scabbed over.
Croup - After the cough has subsided.
Ear Infection - After three doses of medication or after 24 hours.
Fever - After the fever has returned to normal without the aid of fever reducing medication.
Head Lice - After one complete treatment and removal of all nits.
Impetigo - After 24 hours of medication.
Pink Eye - After the child has been on medication for 24 hours and has no matter in his or her eyes.
Ringworm - After medical treatment with a fungicidal ointment.
Roto Virus - After the child has had one formed stool.
RSV - After the wheezing and coughing have subsided.
Shingles - After all blisters have scabbed over (same as Chicken Pox).
Strep Throat - After the child has been on medication for 24 hours.
Thrush - After 24 hours on medication.
If your child contracts any communicable disease, please inform the Learning Center staff.
If your child is exposed to a communicable disease while at the Learning Center, a notice will be posted.
In order for a caregiver to administer a medication at the Learning Center, either prescription or non-
prescription, the parent must fill out a Medication Permission form.
All medications must be labeled with the child’s name and be in the original container.
Prescription drugs must have the child’s name on the label.
Only permanent staff members are allowed to administer medications.
Whether indoors, on the playground, or on a trip outside the Learning Center, the children are watched
Accidents, though, occasionally occur.
Any accident is reported to the parent.
If emergency medical care is necessary the Director may take the following steps:
1. Attempt to contact parent or guardian.
2. Attempt to contact the child’s physician.
3. Attempt to contact the parent or guardian through any of the other persons listed on the emergency
information form you complete upon admission.
If we cannot contact you or your child’s physician, we will do any or all of the following:
1. Call another physician.
2. Call an ambulance.
3.  Have the child taken to the nearest hospital in the company of a staff member.
Any of the expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the child’s parents or guardians.
The Learning Center conducts at least monthly fire drills and one tornado drill each school year.
The staff is instructed in procedures for exiting the building and insuring the children’s safety.

Breakfast is served at 7:45, a morning snack is served at 9:30 A.M., lunch at 11:45 A.M., and afternoon
snack at 3:45 P.M.
If you prefer to send the meals and snacks for your child, please let the staff know.  This is essential for
meal planning.
Children will be asked to eat the meals provided here unless a doctor’s notice requires a special diet
(allergy, etc.).

Rest Period
At least one rest period is part of the daily schedule for each age group.  Infants to 12 months rest twice
The child is encouraged, but not forced, to sleep during this time, but must rest quietly so that others may
A mat is provided for each child over 12 months old, and each infant is provided with a crib.
Guidance and Discipline
The staff strives to create an atmosphere of acceptance for all children and one that enhances their self-
When discipline is needed, we never use any type of physical punishment.
The child will typically be separated from the group for a short Time-Out.
We believe that:
1. All children need limits, which are consistently enforced.
2. Children need opportunities to learn to accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions.
3.  Positive behavior should be reinforced in order to redirect inappropriate behavior.
4. Punishment is not to be used in connection with rest, food, or toilet training.
When a specific behavioral problem has been identified at the Learning Center, the Director (and possibly
primary teacher) will bring this to the attention of the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s).
Items from Home
The Learning Center is equipped with appropriate toys; therefore, we request that playthings from home
only be brought on Show and Tell Day.
We also ask that children do not wear rings and necklaces as they are not safe on playground equipment.
If such items are brought to the Learning Center, we cannot be responsible for them.
We do not allow the children to play with guns or violent toys of any kind.
Parents of Infants
Please remember to bring:
1. A supply of baby food (unopened) or breast milk (include plastic bottles and caps) labeled with the child’
s name.
2. Disposable diapers and wipes.
3. An extra set of clothing.
A daily record of your infant’s activity will be in each child’s cubicle for you to take at the end of the day.
This sheet will also note if you need to replenish any items and if there was anything special or of concern
that occurred with your child that day. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the teacher
or director immediately.
Parents of Toddlers
Please remember to bring:
1. Disposable diapers and wipes.
2. An extra set of clothing to be left at the center in case of spills or accidents.
3. Mat and pillow for rest time.
We will follow the parent’s lead with regard to toilet training.
Most experts recommend that toilet training begin no earlier than eighteen (18) months, preferably two (2)

Checking In/Out
Please bring your child into the Learning Center when you arrive and personally pick your child up in the
You will be given a parent/guardian code that will allow you to check your child in and out.
If your child will be absent or needs to attend at a time when he or she usually does not, notify the
Learning Center as soon as you know or by 8:00 A.M, if you do not know before that.
It is normal for some children to have difficulty separating from parents and they may cry during drop off
time.  For this reason we ask that you make the drop off time brief.  If you smile and tell them goodbye in a
cheerful tone and reassure them that you will be back, they will usually start playing immediately upon your
Please be brief at pick-up time as well.  Children realize that both of their authority figures (parent and
caregiver) are in the same room and will try to test to see if the rules still apply.  
It helps if your children know if you plan to pick them up early or late.  Please keep us informed so that we
may help them stay informed and keep things as regular for them as possible.  
Drop off and pick up times are not usually a good time to discuss serious problems.  Please make a phone
call or set an appointment so that your concerns may be discussed with the privacy and professionalism
that we want for all our clients’ families.
Child Abuse Reporting
All staff members who are employed at the Learning Center are obligated under State Law to report all
suspected child abuse directly to The Department of Social Services or Law Enforcement.
Our staff members are screened and Criminal Background checks are obtained before they are employed
at the Learning Center.   
Parents are welcome to visit and discuss their child with the Director and teacher at any time.
You may schedule a conference at any appropriate time.
The Director will visit with parents and guardians throughout the year, but if you have questions or
concerns, you may request a conference.
We provide transportation to and from school for students who may need it. We also take a particular
group on Learning Center arranged field trips, which we may occasionally do during the summer and
school holidays.
Parents are welcome to provide treats (please, no candy) for their child’s birthday.
If you do not choose to do this, the staff will still make every effort to make your child’s day special ("Happy
Birthday" song, Birthday crown, etc.)
Please coordinate, in advance, with the Director whatever plans you may have for special days.
1705 Temple Hall Hwy.
Granbury, Texas 76049