Circle Of Life Learning Center
                                              Circle of Life Learning Center
                                                        1705 Temple Hall Hwy
                                                       Granbury, Texas 76049

We have been here seven years and have not had a rate increase, but with the
increase in the prices of food, fuel, electricity, taxes, water trash and the many other
things it takes to run a day care we are force to increase our rates. To be fair to
everyone we are going to increase the rate $5.00 per week per child. This rate is above
the rate you are paying now. This rate will enable us to give the children the great
meals and service they are getting.

We realize these are hard times and we would like to help you with your family need. If
you have child care needs that are different than regular day cares do not fill talk with
us about special arrangements.

Curriculum, as a retired educator I understand how important a good curriculum is for
child development. Our curriculum can be found on our web site,

Child-play is important in teaching children a number of skills they need in life. We
organize play around seasonal sports. Our play area is shaded with large trees for year
round comfort.

I would like to invite you to come visit us and meet the staff.

Cecil Sprinkles, EdD
We are now accepting applications for fall day
care. Remember to bring your child/children's
shot records to enroll.
Granbury, Texas 76049
Circle of Life Learning Center is now a Child Care Services vendor. We accept CCS
1705 Temple Hall Hwy.
Granbury, Texas 76049
School will soon start and we are making
transportation plans. If you have a child that
will need transportation to the day care
contact Mrs. Erin Castillo.